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1.The advantage of 2’s complement system is that?
A. Only one arithmetic operation is required
B. Two arithmetic operations are required
C. No arithmetic operations are required
D. Only one arithmetic operation is required

2.The 1’s complements requires?
A. One operation
B. Two operations
C. Three operations
D. One operation

3.Which one is used for logical manipulations?
A. 2’s complement
B. 9’s complement
C. 1’s complement
D. 2’s complement

4.For arithmetic operations only?
A. 1’s complement is used
B. 2’s complement
C. 10’s complement
D. 1’s complement is used

5.The addition of +19 and +43 results as in 2’s complement system?
A. 11001010
B. 101011010
C. 00101010
D. 11001010

6.Binary coded decimal is a combination of?
A. Two binary digits
B. Three binary digits
C. Four binary digits
D. Two binary digits

7.The decimal number 10 is represented in its BCD form as?
A. 10100000
B. 01010111
C. 00010000
D. 10100000

8.Add the two BCD numbers: 1001 + 0100 = ?
A. 10101111
B. 01010000
C. 00010011
D. 10101111

9.Carry out BCD subtraction for (68) – (61) using 10’s complement method?
A. 00000111
B. 01110000
C. 100000111
D. 00000111

10.Code is a symbolic representation of information?
A. Continuous
B. Discrete
C. Analog
D. Continuous

11.When numbers, letters or words are represented by a special group of symbols, this process is called?
A. Decoding
B. Encoding
C. Digitizing
D. Decoding

12.A three digit decimal number requires for representation in the conventional BCD format?
A. 3 bits
B. 6 bits
C. 12 bits
D. 3 bits

13.How many bits would be required to encode decimal numbers 0 to 9999 in straight binary codes?
A. 12
B. 14
C. 16
D. 12

14.The excess-3 code for 597 is given by?
A. 100011001010
B. 100010100111
C. 010110010111
D. 100011001010

15.The decimal equivalent of the excess-3 number 110010100011.01110101 is?
A. 970.42
B. 1253.75
C. 861.75
D. 970.42

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