National :: All Aptitude Test ::

1.Who is appointed as Chairperson of Federal Board of Revenue?
A. Shabar Zaidi
B. Nausheen Javaid Amjad
C. Dr. Khalil Ahmad Zahid
D. Shabar Zaidi

2.Who is farmer Chairperson of FBR?
A. Nausheen Javaid Amjad
B. Shabar Zaidi
C. Abdul Sattar
D. Nausheen Javaid Amjad

3.Who is appointed as Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue in Multan?
A. Amjad Saleem
B. Khusaro Bakhtiar
C. Ashfaq Hussain
D. Amjad Saleem

4.Who is appointed as Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue in Vehari?
A. Amjad Saleem
B. Khalid Gillani
C. Ashfaq Hussain
D. Amjad Saleem

5.Who is promoted as Deputy Director Investigation Anti-Corruption?
A. Abdul Rauf
B. Khalid Gillani
C. Ashfaq Hussain
D. Abdul Rauf

6.Who is appointed as Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue in Layyah?
A. Amjad Saleem
B. Khalid Gillani
C. Fiaz Ahmad
D. Amjad Saleem

7.Who is appointed as Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue in Rahimyar Khan?
A. Amjad Saleem
B. Sheikh Tahir
C. Ashfaq Hussain
D. Amjad Saleem

8.Which Mobile App is launched for price Control in Punjab?
A. Price Control Punjab
B. Bachat Control Punjab
C. Qeemat Punjab
D. Price Control Punjab

9.Pakistan announced that it is to add more sectors like agriculture and tourism in the second phase of the CPEC. What is the full form of E in CPEC?
A. Energy
B. Economic
C. Economy
D. Energy

10.Which Ordinance ____ against is approved in Pakistan?
A. Hoarding
B. Lock Down
C. National Action Plan
D. Hoarding

11.Which punishment is applied on hoarding?
A. 5 years & 50% of Hoarding
B. 3 years & 100% of Hoarding
C. 3 years & 50% of Hoarding
D. 5 years & 50% of Hoarding

12.Which financial program is launched for financially support to people?
A. Ahsaas Program
B. Bait-ul-Maal
C. Corono-Relief
D. Ahsaas Program

13.How many Young Tigers are registered in Tiger Force?
A. 1 Million Tigers
B. 2 Million Tigers
C. 3 Million Tigers
D. 1 Million Tigers

14.Which Management system is launched in Pakistan for hunger?
A. Ration Management System
B. Lunger Management System
C. No-Hunger Management System
D. Ration Management System

15.Who is launched Ration Management System in Pakistan?
A. Chief Minister Punjab
B. Governor Punjab
C. Prime Minister
D. Chief Minister Punjab

16.Ration Management System Launched under?
A. Sindh Development Network
B. Baluchistan Development Network
C. Punjab Development Network
D. Sindh Development Network

17.The author of the book “Shehron Mein Shehr Karachi” is?
A. Noureen Islam
B. Nasreen Aslam
C. Taslima Nasreen
D. Noureen Islam

18.Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed took first sou motu over ‘coronavirus control measures’ on?
A. 9th April 2020
B. 10th April 2020
C. 19th April 2020
D. 9th April 2020

19.Prime Minister Imran Khan formally launched the Rs. Ehsas Relief Programme on 9th April 2020?
A. 144 million
B. 144 Billion
C. 150 Billion
D. 144 million

20.Which country stayed away from the regional trade official’s video conference on Covid-19 hosted by India?
A. Pakistan
C. China
D. Pakistan

21.Byco’s ORC-II is the largest oil refinery in the country with a design production capacity of?
A. 110000 bpd
B. 120000 bpd
C. 155000 bpd
D. 110000 bpd

22.Who inaugurated the first independent Corona Isolation Hospital equipped with modern electro-medical apparatus in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) ?
A. Imran Khan
B. Raja Farooq Haider
C. Dr. Aarif Alavi
D. Imran Khan

23.Who becomes second doctor to lay down life in battle against coronavirus in Pakistan?
A. Dr. Amjad Soomro
B. Dr. Abdul Qadir soomro
C. Dr. Nasir soomro
D. Dr. Amjad Soomro

24.Sana Mir is recently resigned from international game, What is the profession of Sana Mir?
A. Football
B. Table Tennis
C. Cricket
D. Football

25.Which platform is launched by Prime Minister of Pakistan for Pakistan's Doctors Registration?
A. Muhib-e-Wattan
B. Yaraan-e-Wattan
C. Isaar-e-Wattan
D. Muhib-e-Wattan

26.Which Government notified for 1 Million fine on spreading Coronovirus?
A. Punjab
B. Sindh
C. Baluchistan
D. Punjab

27.Who is current Chief Secretary Punjab?
A. Azam Suleman Khan
B. Akbar Hussain Durrani
C. Jawad Rafique Malik
D. Azam Suleman Khan

28.Which Missile is launched by PAK Bahria?
A. Cruise Missile
B. Ballistic Missile
C. Anti-ship Missile
D. Cruise Missile

29.Australia announced to support to Pakistan against CovID-19?
A. $1.9 million
B. $3.8 Million
C. $6.8 Million
D. $1.9 million

30.Which country Matterhorn displays Pakistan’s flag to show solidarity during pandemic?
A. Saudia Arabia
C. Switzerland
D. Saudia Arabia

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