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1.Which of the looping statements is/are supported by PHP ?
A. for loop
B. while loop
C. do-while loop
D. for loop

2.Which is valid C expression ?
A. int $my_num = 10000;
B. int my num = 1000;
C. int my_num = 100000;
D. int $my_num = 10000;

3.Which of the following cannot be a variable name in C ?
A. true
B. volatile
C. friend
D. true

4.The basic attributes of a straight line segment are ?
A. Type
B. Color
C. Width
D. Type

5.A dashed line could be displayed by generating ?
A. Inter dash spacing
B. Very short dashes
C. Both A and B
D. Inter dash spacing

6.A dotted line can be displayed by generating ?
A. Very short dashes with spacing equal to and greater than dash size
B. Very long dashes with spacing equal to or greater than dash size
C. Very short dashes with spacing equal to and greater than dash size
D. Very short dashes with spacing equal to and greater than dash size

7.Which of the following is not a line-type ?
A. Dashed line
B. Dark line
C. Dotted line
D. Dashed line

8.In an application program, to set line-type attributes the following statement is used ?
C. setLinetype(lt)

9.The algorithm which displays line-type attributes by plotting pixel spans is ?
A. Random scan algorithm
B. Random line algorithm
C. Raster scan algorithm
D. Random scan algorithm

10.Pixel mask means ?
A. A string containing 0 and 0
B. A string containing 1 and 0
C. A string containing only 0’s
D. A string containing 0 and 0

11.A heavy line on a video monitor could be displayed as ?
A. Adjacent parallel lines
B. Adjacent perpendicular lines
C. Both a and b
D. Adjacent parallel lines

12.To set the line-width attribute the following command is used ?
A. setLineWidthScaleFactor (lw)
B. Setlinewidthscalefacto (lw)
C. Setlinewidth()
D. setLineWidthScaleFactor (lw)

13.The parameter to “setLineWidthScaleFactor (lw) “function specifies ?
A. Standard width
B. Thickness of the line
C. Relative width of the line
D. Standard width

14.We can adjust the shape of the line ends to give them a better appearance by using ?
A. Round cap
B. Line caps
C. More dots
D. Round cap

15.Thick line drawn with ?
A. Butt caps
B. Round caps
C. Projecting square caps
D. Butt caps

16.We set the line-color value in PHIGS with the function ?
A. setPolylineColorIndex (lc)
B. setline Color()
D. setPolylineColorIndex (lc)

17.If the angle between 2 connected line segments is very small then can generate a long spike that distorts the appearance of the poly-line ?
A. Miter join
B. Round join
C. Bevel join
D. Miter join

18.A line drawn in the background color is ?
A. Visible
B. Invisible
C. Visible or Invisible
D. Visible

19.Which devices provides positional information to the graphics system ?
A. Input devices
B. Output devices
C. Pointing devices
D. Input devices

20.The number of pixels stored in the frame buffer of a graphics system is known as ?
A. Resolution
B. Depth
C. Width
D. Resolution

21.In graphical system, the array of pixels in the picture are stored in ?
A. Memory
B. Frame buffer
C. Processor
D. Memory

22.Heat supplied to the cathode by directing a current through a coil of wire is called ?
A. Electron gun
B. Electron beam
C. Filament
D. Electron gun

23.The maximum number of points that can be displayed without overlap on a CRT is referred as ?
A. Persistence
B. Resolution
C. Picture
D. Persistence

24.Which stores the picture information as a charge distribution behind the phosphor-coated screen ?
A. Cathode ray tube
B. Flat panel displays
C. 3D viewing device
D. Cathode ray tube

25.The devices which converts the electrical energy into light is called ?
A. Liquid-crystal displays
B. Non-emitters
C. Plasma panels
D. Liquid-crystal displays

26.In which system, the Shadow mask methods are commonly used ?
A. Raster-scan system
B. Random-scan system
C. Rasterization
D. Raster-scan system

27.The process of digitizing a given picture definition into a set of pixel-intensity for storage in the frame buffer is called ?
A. Rasterization
B. Encoding
C. Scan conversion
D. Rasterization

28.Which display devices allows us to walk around an object and view it from different sides ?
A. Plasma panel display devices
B. Flat panel display devices
C. Three-dimensional devices
D. Plasma panel display devices

29.In LCD, the refresh rate of the screen is ?
A. 80 frames/sec
B. 60 frames/sec
C. 100 frames/sec
D. 80 frames/sec

30.Random-scan system mainly designed for ?
A. Fog effect
B. Realistic shaded screen
C. Line-drawing applications
D. Fog effect

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