Matrices And Determinants Multiple Questions and Answers.

1. If A and B matrices are of same order and A + B = B + A, this law is known as
A. distributive law
B. commutative law
C. associative law
D. cramer's law

2. A pair of equations to determine the value of 2 variables is called
A. simultaneous linear equations
B. paired equations
C. quadratic equations
D. simple equations

3.If a matrix has equal number of columns and rows then it is said to be a
A. row matrix
B. identical matrix
C. square matrix
D. rectangular matrix

4.If determinant of a matrix is equal to zero, then it is said to be
A. square matrix
B. singular matrix
C. non-singular matrix
D. identical matrix

5. We can add two matrices having real numbers A and B if their
A. order is same
B. rows are same
C. columns are same
D. elements are same


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