Ideological Basis of Pakistan Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.When did the Hindi Urdu controversy start ?
A. 1861
B. 1863
C. 1865
D. 1867

2.The first pillar of Islam is?
A. Toheed and Prophethood
B. Namaz
C. Keeping Fast
D. Zakaat

3.When was the war of independence fought?
A. 1855
B. 1857
C. 1859
D. 1861

4.Who has Supreme authority in Islam?
A. ALLAH Almighty
B. Parliament
C. President of the state
D. People

5.Who gave the presidential address in the Lahore Resolution?
A. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
B. A K Fazlul Haq
C. Sir Agha Khan
D. Allama Muhammad Iqbal


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