Chapter-2 - 11th - Experimental Techniques in Chemistry Preparation Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.The drying agents used in desiccator is.
A. BeCl2
B. MgCl2
C. CaCl2
D. SrCl2

2.Safe and reliable method of drying crystals is through.
A. Pressing it between folds of filter paper
B. Drying it in oven
C. Evaporation of solution
D. Vacuum desiccator

3.One of the following substances does not undergo sublimation
A. KMnO4
B. Naphthalene
D. Iodine

4.If fluted fitter paper, rate of filtration increases as compared tot he cone shaped filter paper because.
A. It has greater number of holes in it.
B. It has greater surface are of filtration
C. Fluted filter paper has greater pore sizes than cone shaped filter paper.
D. Thickness of paper is more than cone shaped filter paper

5.To achieve a good separation, the two liquids are gently shaken to increase their area of.
A. Miscibility
B. Separation
C. contact
D. Solubility


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