Chapter-3 - 11th - Gases Preparation Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.The free expansion of the gas from high pressure towards the low pressure causes
A. Increase of temperature
B. Decrease of temperature
C. Grater number of collisions among the molecules
D. Decrease of velocity of gas molecules

2.Under which conditions of temperature and pressure will a real gas behave most like an ideal gas.
A. Low temperature and how pressure
B. High temperature and high pressure
C. Low temperature and high pressure
D. High temperature and low pressure

3.If we plot a graph between I/V at x-axis and pressure at Y -axis
A. a parabolic graph is obtained
B. By increasing temperature straight line move toward x axis
C. By increases temperature straight line move toward y axis.
D. No. change in line by increasing temperature.

4.Gases deviate from ideal behaviour at high pressure. Which of the following is correct for non-ideal behaviour of gases
A. At high pressure, the gas molecules move in one direction only
B. At high pressure, the collisions between the gas molecules are increased
C. At high pressure, the volume of the gas becomes insignificant
D. At high pressure, the intermolecular attraction becomes significant

5.If the number of gas molecules are doubled in a certain volume of a gas, the pressure is.
A. Decreased to half
B. Doubled
C. Increased to four time
D. Remains unchanged


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