Chapter 3 - 11th - Dark They were,and Golden-Eyed Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.What did they do after building a cottage____________?
A. decorated
B. ate good breakfast
C. furnished it
D. arranged feast

2.What was the news Laura told her parents____________?
A. the war on Earth
B. the arrival of a rocket
C. the death of the people
D. the fall of a rocket

3.Which one of the cities was attacked____________?
A. Texas
B. Virginia
C. New York
D. New Jersey

4.What did they feel on Mars after the attack on Earth ____________?
A. drenched
B. secluded
C. stranded
D. surrendered

5.What were the men doing in town on the shadowy step of the grocery store ____________?
A. quarrelling
B. conversing with great leisure and ease
C. playing
D. buying grocery


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