Angular Momentum Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.A solid sphere rolls down two different inclined planes of the same heights but different angles of inclination. In each case, the ball will?
A. Reach the bottom at the same time
B. Will take longer time to roll down one plane
C. Reach the bottom at an unpredictable time
D. Reach the bottom at the same time and keeps rolling

2.A hook of radius 2m weighs 100kg. It rolls along a horizontal floor so that its centre if mass has a speed of 20cm/s. How much work has to be done to stop it?
A. 5 J
B. 6 J
C. 2 J
D. 4 J

3.Where does the centre of mass of two particles of an equal mass lie?
A. Inside the body
B. Outside the body
C. Near the first body
D. Midway between them

4.Moment of inertia of a circular wire of mass M and radius R about its diameter is?
A. 1/2 MR2
B. 1/4 MR2
C. 2MR2
D. MR2

5.One solid sphere ‘A’ and another hollow sphere ‘B’ are of same mass and same outer radii. Their moments of inertia about their diameters are respectively IA and IB, such that?
B. IA is greater thab IB
C. IA is lesser than IB

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