Latent Heat Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Same material is used to make a sphere, a cube and a thin circular plate and having the same mass. They are initially heated to a temperature of 3000°C. Which of these will cool fast?
A. Sphere
B. Cube
C. Plate
D. All three will cool at the same rate

2.Heat was given to a body, which raises its temperature by 1°C is?
A. Water equivalent
B. Temperature gradient
C. Thermal capacity
D. Specific heat

3.If boiling point of water is 95°F, what will be reading at Celsius scale?
A. 7°C
B. 65°C
C. 63°C
D. 35°C

4.50g of ice at 0°C is mixed with 50g of water at 80°C, what will be the final temperature of a mixture?
A. 0°C
B. 40°C
C. 60°C
D. 4°C

5.The Wien’s displacement law expresses a relation between?
A. Wavelength corresponding to maximum energy and absolute temperature
B. Radiated energy and wavelength
C. Temperature and emissive power
D. Colour of light and emissive power


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