Absorption and Emission Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.At which temperature, the centigrade and Fahrenheit scales are equally?
A. 40°
B. -40°
C. 37°
D. -80°

2.The volume of a gas at 20°C is 100cm3 at normal pressure. If it is heated to 100°C, its volume becomes 125cm3 at the same pressure, then volume coefficients of the gas (at normal pressure) is?
A. 0.0033/°C
B. 0.0025/°C
C. 0.0030/°C
D. 0.0021/°C

3.Density of substance at 0°C is g/cc and 100°C, its density is 9.7g/cc. The coefficient of linear expansion of the substance is?
A. 10-1
B. 10-2
C. 10-3
D. 10-4

4.Amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a body through 1K is called?
A. Specific heat
B. Thermal capacity
C. Water equivalent
D. Entropy

5.If the temperature of a rod is increased by 10°C, its length increases by 1%. What is the percentage change in volume of the body of the same material for 10°C increase in temperature?
A. 9%
B. 1%
C. 5%
D. 3%


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