Thermodynamics Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.A system, after passing through different states returns back to its original state, is called?
A. Cyclic process
B. Isothermal process
C. Adiabatic process
D. Isobaric process

2.Which of the following parameters does not characterize the thermodynamic state of matter?
A. Temperature
B. Pressure
C. Work
D. Volume

3.Calculate the work done if temperature is changes from 0°C to 200°C at one atmosphere.
A. 100 cal
B. 200 cal
C. 400 cal
D. 800 cal

4.Which of the following is not a state function?
A. Work done at constant pressure
B. Enthalpy
C. Work done by conservative force
D. Work done by non0conservative force

5.The door of a domestic refrigerator is kept open while the switch is on. Then the room will?
A. Get heated
B. Ger neither heated nor cooled
C. Gets cooled
D. Gets heated first and then cools


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