Mineral Nutrition Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Those elements whose absence prevent plants from completing its life cycle are called___________
A. Micro element
B. Macro element
C. Nonessential elements
D. Essential elements

2.Which one of the following is NOT a criteria for an element to be called as essential?
A. These elements need not to take part in growth and development
B. The function of an element must not be replaceable
C. The element should be involved in plant metabolism
D. A plant cannot complete its life cycle without these elements

3.Who proposed the idea of essential mineral nutrients of the plant?
A. Leonhart Fuchs
B. Aristotle
C. Arnon and Stout
D. Carl Linnaeus

4.Name the technique which involves the growth of a plant by suspending their roots in the air?
A. Diffusion
B. Osmosis
C. Hydroponics
D. Aeroponics

5.Which of the following is a mineral nutrient?
A. Carbon
B. Nitrogen
C. Hydrogen
D. Oxygen


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