OOP Basic Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which was the first purely object oriented programming language developed?
A. Java
B. C++
C. SmallTalk
D. Kotlin

2.Which of the following best defines a class?
A. Parent of an object
B. Instance of an object
C. Blueprint of an object
D. Scope of an object

3.Who invented OOP?
A. Alan Kay
B. Andrea Ferro
C. Dennis Ritchie
D. Adele Goldberg

4.What is the additional feature in classes that was not in structures ?
A. Data members
B. Member functions
C. Static data allowed
D. Public access specifier

5.Which is not feature of OOP in general definitions ?
A. Code re-usability
B. Modularity
C. Duplicate/Redundant data
D. Efficient Code


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