OOP Basic Multiple Questions and Answers.

21.Choose the correct remarks:
A. C++ allows any operator to be overloaded.
B. Some of the existing operators cannot be overloaded.
C. Operator precedence cannot be changed.
D. All of the above.

22.cout stands for:
A. class output
B. call output
C. character output
D. console output

23.The fields in a structure of a C program are by default:
A. protected
B. public
C. private
D. none of the above

24. Forgetting to include a file (like cmath or math.h) that is necessary will result in:
A. compilation error
B. warning when the program is run
C. error at link time
D. warning when the program is compiled

25. At what point of time a variable comes into existence in memory is determined by its
A. scope
B. data type
C. storage class
D. all of the above


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