OOP Basic Multiple Questions and Answers.

26. Which of the following specifiers need not be honored by the compiler?
A. register
B. inline
C. static
D. Both (a) & (b)

27. Which of the following cannot be declared static?
A. Functions
B. Class
C. Object
D. Both (b) & (c)

28.The main function of scope resolution operator (::) is ?
A. To define an object
B. To define a data member
C. To link the definition of an identifier to its declaration
D. All of the given

29. Assume a class C with objects obj1, obj2, and obj3. For the statement obj3 = obj1 – obj2 to work correctly, if the overloaded – operator must:
A. take four arguments
B. create a named temporary object
C. return a value
D. take two arguments

30.The keyword that is used that the variable can not change state?
A. const
B. private
C. friend
D. static


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