Queue Operations Multiple Questions and Answers.

21.If the elements “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” are placed in a queue and are deleted one at a time, in what order will they be removed?

22. In the array implementation of circular queue, which of the following operation take worst case linear time?
A. Insertion
B. Deletion
C. To empty a queue
D. None

23.A circular queue is implemented using an array of size 10. The array index starts with 0, front is 6, and rear is 9. The insertion of next element takes place at the array index.
A. 0
B. 7
C. 9
D. 10

24. In linked list implementation of a queue, front and rear pointers are tracked. Which of these pointers will change during an insertion into a NONEMPTY queue?
A. Only front pointer
B. Only rear pointer
C. Both front and rear pointer
D. None of the front and rear pointer

25.Let the following circular queue can accommodate maximum six elements with the following data.What will happen after ADD O operation takes place?
front = 2 rear = 4
queue = _______; L, M, N, ___, ___
A. front = 2 rear = 5 queue = ______; L, M, N, O, ___
B. front = 3 rear = 5 queue = L, M, N, O, ___
C. front = 3 rear = 4 queue = ______; L, M, N, O, ___
D. front = 2 rear = 4 queue = L, M, N, O, ___


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