Array and Array Operations Multiple Questions and Answers.

31.An array elements are always stored in ________ memory locations.
A. Sequential
B. Random
C. Sequential and Random
D. None of the above

32.Size of the array need not be specified, when:
A. Initialization is a part of definition
B. It is a declaratrion
C. It is a formal parameter
D. All of these

33.Array passed as an argument to a function is interpreted as:
A. Address of the array.
B. Values of the first elements of the array.
C. Address of the first element of the array.
D. Number of element of the array.

34.Which of the following correctly accesses the seventh element stored in arr, an array with 100 elements?
A. arr[6]
B. arr[7]
C. arr{6}
D. arr{7}

35.The smallest element of an array’s index is called its:
A. lower bound
B. upper bound
C. range
D. extraction


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