Stack Operations – 1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

21.In a stack, if a user tries to remove an element from empty stack it is called :
A. Underflow
B. Empty collection
C. Overflow
D. Garbage Collection

22.Entries in a stack are "ordered". What is the meaning of this statement?
A. A collection of stacks is sortable
B. Stack entries may be compared with the '<' operation
C. The entries are stored in a linked list
D. There is a Sequential entry that is one by one

23.What is the value of the postfix expression 6 3 2 4 + – *:
A. Something between -5 and -15
B. Something between 5 and -5
C. Something between 15 and 100
D. Something between 5 and 15

24. If there's no base criteria in a recursive program, the program will:
A. not be executed.
B. execute infinitely.
C. execute until all conditions match.
D. obtain progressive approach.

25.The depth of complete binary tree is given by:
A. Dn = n log2n
B. Dn = n log2n +1
C. Dn = log2n
D. Dn = log2n + 1


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