Stack Operations - Section 3 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.The postfix form of the expression (A+ B)*(C*D- E)*F / G is?
A. AB+ CD*E – FG /**
B. AB + CD* E – F **G /
C. AB + CD* E – *F *G /
D. AB + CDE * – * F *G /

2.The data structure required to check whether an expression contains balanced parenthesis is?
A. Stack
B. Queue
C. Array
D. Tree

3.What data structure would you mostly likely see in a non recursive implementation of a recursive algorithm ?
A. Linked List
B. Stack
C. Queue
D. Tree

4.The process of accessing data stored in a serial access memory is similar to manipulating data on a ?
A. Heap
B. Binary Tree
C. Array
D. Stack

5.The postfix form of A*B+C/D is ?
A. *AB/CD+
B. AB*CD/+
C. A*BC+/D
D. ABCD+/*


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