Stack Operations – 2 Multiple Questions and Answers.

6.Which data structure is needed to convert infix notation to postfix notation?
A. Branch
B. Tree
C. Queue
D. Stack

7.The prefix form of A-B/ (C * D ^ E) is ?
A. -/*^ACBDE
C. -A/B*C^DE
D. -A/BC*^DE

8.What is the result of the following operation ?
A. X
B. X+S
C. S

9.The prefix form of an infix expression (p + q) – (r * t) is ?
A. + pq – *rt
B. – +pqr * t
C. – +pq * rt
D. – + * pqrt

10.Which data structure is used for implementing recursion ?
A. Queue
B. Stack
C. Array
D. List


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