Stack Operations - Section 3 Multiple Questions and Answers.

11.The result of evaluating the postfix expression 5, 4, 6, +, *, 4, 9, 3, /, +, * is?
A. 600
B. 350
C. 650
D. 588

12.Convert the following infix expressions into its equivalent postfix expressions (A + B ⋀D)/(E – F)+G?
A. (A B D ⋀ + E F – / G +)
B. (A B D +⋀ E F – / G +)
C. (A B D ⋀ + E F/- G +)
D. (A B D E F + ⋀ / – G +)

13.Convert the following Infix expression to Postfix form using a stack x + y * z + (p * q + r) * s, Follow usual precedence rule and assume that the expression is legal?
A. xyz*+pq*r+s*+
B. xyz*+pq*r+s+*
C. xyz+*pq*r+s*+
D. xyzp+**qr+s*+

14.Which of the following is not an inherent application of stack?
A. Reversing a string
B. Evaluation of postfix expression
C. Implementation of recursion
D. Job scheduling

15.The type of expression in which operator succeeds its operands is?
A. Infix Expression
B. Prefix Expression
C. Postfix Expression
D. All of Above


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