Arithmetic Operations Multiple Questions and Answers.

11.The two's complement system is to be used to add the signed numbers 11110010 and 11110011. Determine, in decimal, the sign and value of each number and their sum:
A. –14 and –13; –27
B. –113 and –114; 227
C. –27 and –13; 40
D. –11 and –16; –27

12.The fast carry or look-ahead carry circuits found in most 4-bit parallel-adder circuits:
A. increase ripple delay
B. add a 1 to complemented inputs
C. reduce propagation delay
D. determine sign and magnitude

13.The selector inputs to an arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) determine the:
A. selection of the IC
B. arithmetic or logic function
C. data word selection
D. clock frequency to be used

14.Adding in binary, the decimal values 26 + 27 will produce a sum of:
A. 111010
B. 110110
C. 110101
D. 101011

15.In VHDL, the architecture declaration always begins with the ________ of variable signals or components that will be used in the concurrent description between BEGIN and END.?
A. type
B. vectors
C. functions
D. declarations


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