Arithmetic Operations Multiple Questions and Answers.

16.When decimal numbers with several digits are to be added together using BCD adders ________.?
A. a separated BCD adder is required for each digit position
B. the BCD adders must have the carry-outs grounded
C. the BCD's must be grouped in twos
D. full adders are also used

17.The binary adder circuit is designed to add ________ binary number(s) at a time.?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 2
D. 5

18.The 74HC382 ALU can perform ________ operations.?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16

19.Subtraction of the 2's-complement system actually involves the operation of ________.?
A. subtraction
B. addition
C. multiplication
D. division

20.FC48 – AB91 = ________.?
A. 5B77
B. 5267
C. 50B7
D. 5077


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