Arithmetic Operations Multiple Questions and Answers.

26.If [A] = 10 and [B] = 01, then [A] [b] = ________.?
A. [00]
B. 00
C. 11
D. [11]

27.Binary numbers can be added together in a basic parallel-adder circuit when ________.?
A. negative numbers are in 2's-complement form
B. negative numbers are in 1's-complement form
C. all carry pins are grounded
D. all negative numbers are noted

28.Packages are used to contain ________ and other information that must be available to all entities in the design file.?
A. types
B. vectors
C. components
D. variables

29.34FC + AD31 = ________.?
A. E31D
B. E22D
C. E21D
D. E42D

30.Solve this binary problem: 1001 × 1100 = ________.?
A. 01110001
B. 01111000
C. 01101110
D. 01101100


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