Number System - 1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

6. Which of the following is not a type of number system?
A. Positional
B. Non-Positional
C. Octal
D. Fractional

7.How is the number 5 represented in non-positional number system?
B. 5
C. V
D. v

8. The LSB and MSB of 1243247 are ____ and ____?
A. 1, 7
B. 4, 7
C. 7, 1
D. 4, 1

9.A device that uses positional notation to represent a decimal number:
A. Abacus
B. Calculator
C. Pascaline
D. Computer

10.The 2’s complement of 5 is ______________?
A. 1011
B. 0101
C. 1010
D. 0011


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