Relational Algebra Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which of the following is a fundamental operation in relational algebra?
A. Set intersection
B. Natural join
C. Assignment
D. None of above

2.Which of the following is used to denote the selection operation in relational algebra?
A. Pi (Greek)
B. Sigma (Greek)
C. Lambda (Greek)
D. Omega (Greek)

3.For select operation the ________ appear in the subscript and the ___________ argument appears in the paranthesis after the sigma.
A. Predicates, relation
B. Relation, Predicates
C. Operation, Predicates
D. Relation, Operation

4.The ___________ operation, denoted by −, allows us to find tuples that are in one relation but are not in another.
A. Union
B. Set-difference
C. Difference
D. Intersection

5.Which is a unary operation?
A. Selection operation
B. Primitive operation
C. Projection operation
D. Generalized selection


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