Electronic Principles - Section 1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

26.A battery is a device composed of one or more:
A. chemical cells
B. voltage generators
C. solar cells
D. piezoeletric cells

27.Doubling the operating voltage of a purely capacitive circuit:
A. has no effect on the capacitive reactance
B. doubles the amount of capacitive reactance
C. multiplies the capacitive reactance by 7
D. cuts the capacitive reactance in half

28.How much current flows through a 0.02-H choke that is operating from a 12-V ac, 100-Hz source?
A. 0.02 A
B. 0.955 A
C. 10:00 AM
D. 2.02 A

29.The transistor has a collector current of 10 mA and a base current of 40 mA. What is the current gain of the transistor?
A. 250 ?A
B. 350 ?A
C. 0.25 ?A
D. 300 ?A

30.What is the phase shift between total current and voltage in the circuit of a 100 ohm resistor connected in parallel with a capacitor that has a reactance of 100 ohm
A. 180 degree
B. 30 degree
C. 45 degree
D. 75 degree


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