Electronic Principles - Section 1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

31.Molecule is
A. The smallest particle of a substance that retains the properties of that substance
B. A atom that has a shortage of electrons in its outer orbit
C. A atom that has an excessive number of electrons in its outer orbit
D. A atom that flows whenever there is an imbalance of electrical charges between two points

32.What form of energy is used for creating static electricity?
A. Solar energy
B. Mechanical energy
C. Chemical energy
D. Light energy

33.Suppose the zener diode has a breakdown voltage of 10 V and zener resistance of 8.5 W, what is the additional voltage when the current is 20 mA?
A. 0.17 V
B. 10.17 V
C. 20 V
D. 18.8 V

34.A transistor has a current gain of 125 and a base current of 30 �A. What is the collector current?
A. 3.75 mA
B. 3.2 mA
C. 0.05 mA
D. 13 mA

35.A dielectric material is:
A. a good conductor
B. a good insulator
C. a poor conductor of electrostatic fields
D. a good conductor of magnetic fields


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