Electronic Principles - Section 1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

36.A certain electromagnet has 1000 turns of wire. How much current must flow through the coil in order to generate an mmf of 100 ampere-turns?
A. 0.1 A
B. 1000 A
C. 10:00 AM
D. 100 A

37.If a load resistance is 1 kW, a stiff current source has a resistance of
A. At least 10 Ohm
B. Less than 10 Ohm
C. More than 100 k Ohm
D. Less than 100 k Ohm

38.A flashlight battery has internal resistance of 1W. For what values of load resistance does the flashlight battery appear stiff?
A. 60 Ohm
B. 50 Ohm
C. 100 Ohm or more
D. 10 Ohm

39.The number of free electrons and holes in intrinsic semiconductor increases when the temperature
A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Stays the same
D. 0oC

40.Which one of the following statements is true for current flowing in a parallel circuit?
A. The amount of current flow through each branch of a parallel circuit can be different, depending on the resistance of each branch part and the amount of voltage applied to it
B. The same current always flows through every part of a parallel circuit
C. The total current in a parallel circuit is equal to the total voltage multiplied by the total resistance
D. The total current in a parallel circuit is always less than the smallest amount of current


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