Electronic Principles - Section 1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

41.Holes are the minority carriers in which type of semiconductor?
A. Extrinsic
B. Intrinsic
C. n-type
D. p-type

42.Doubling the number of turns of wire in an inductor:
A. reduces the value of inductance by one-half
B. multiplies the value of inductance by two
C. multiplies the value of inductance by four
D. reduces the value of inductance by one-fourth

43.A farad is defined as the amount of capacitance necessary for:
A. dissipating 1 W of power
B. causing an ac phase shift greater than 90 degree
C. storing 1 V for 1 second
D. changing the voltage on the plates at the rate of 1 V per second when 1 A of current is flowing

44.What is the capacitive reactance of a 0.1 micro F capacitor that is operating at 1000 Hz?
A. less than 1 Ohm
B. 1590 Ohm
C. 312 Ohm
D. 690 Ohm

45.A certain power transformer has a turns ratio of 5. What voltage can you expect at the secondary winding when you apply 120 V to the primary winding?
A. 4.73
B. 0.4 V
C. 24 V
D. 600 V


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