Electronic Principles - Section 2 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which one of the following statements most accurately applies to the frequency of a waveform?
A. The actual frequency of a sine waveform is 1.41 times the working frequency
B. Unless specified otherwise, the frequency of a waveform is assumed to be 60 Hz
C. The higher the amplitude of a waveform, the higher its frequency
D. The longer the period of a waveform, the lower its frequency

2.The merging of a free electron and a hole is called
A. Covalent bonding
B. Lifetime
C. Recombination
D. Thermal energy

3.One henry of inductance is defined as:
A. the amount of counter emf required to reduce a current to 1 A
B. the amount of inductance required for generating 1 V of counter emf when the current changes at the rate of 1 A per second
C. the amount of inductance required to change the frequency of a current by 1 Hz
D. the number of turns of wire in an inductor multiplied by the amount of current flowing through it

4.The basic unit of measurement for current is the:
A. volt
B. watt
C. ampere
D. ohm

5.Which one of. the following phrases most accurately describes the nature of a pulsating dc voltage?
A. The voltage remains at one polarity and at a steady level
B. The voltage remains at one polarity but changes value periodically
C. The voltage causes current to flow in two directions at the same time
D. The voltage reverses polarity periodically


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