Electronic Principles - Section 4 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.1 Microfarad is the same as:
A. 1 millionth of a picofarad
B. 1000 millifarads
C. 1 million picofarads
D. 1 million farads

2.Which one of the following statements is true for resistance in a parallel circuit?
A. The total resistance is equal to the sum of the individual resistances in a parallel circuit.
B. The total resistance of a parallel circuit is always less than the value of the smallest resistance
C. The total resistance of a parallel circuit is equal to the total voltage
D. The total resistance in a parallel circuit is equal to the average value of the individual resistances

3.The direction of conventional current flow is:
A. from negative to positive
B. from positive to negative
C. from left to right
D. from neutral to positive

4.Doubling the operating frequency of a purely inductive circuit:
A. doubles the amount of current through the inductors
B. has no effect on the current through the inductors
C. cuts the current through the inductors one-half
D. increases the current, but by an amount that can be determined only by doing a complete analysis of the circuit

5.The secondary voltage for a certain power transformer is twice the voltage applied to the primary. The current flowing in the secondary winding will be:
A. One-half the primary current
B. Same as the primary current
C. Twice the primary current
D. No more than 10% less than the primary current


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