Input Devices Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.These devices provide a means of communication between a computer and outer world?
A. Drivers
B. Compact
C. Storage
D. I/O

2.What does GUI stand for?
A. Graphical User Interface
B. General User Instruction
C. Ground User Interface
D. Graphical User Instruction

3.Which of the following is not a point-and-draw device?
A. Mouse
B. Touch screen
C. Trackball
D. Keypad

4.A device used for video games, flight simulators, training simulators and for controlling industrial robots?
A. Keyboard
B. Joystick
C. Light pen
D. Mouse

5.The unattended interactive information systems such as automatic teller machine or ATM is called as?
A. Kiaks
B. Cianto
C. Sioks
D. Kiosks


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