Output Devices Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Input Devices that use a special ink that contains magnetizable particles of iron oxide are?
A. Magnetic drives
C. Magnetic disks
D. Optical disks

2.A printer that prints one line at a time and has a predefined set of characters is called?
A. Impact
B. Inkjet
C. Drum
D. Laser

3.Which of the following is a name of plotter as well as a printer?
A. Impact
B. Drum
C. Laser
D. Flatbed

4.Name the device that converts text information into spoken sentences?
A. Voice systems
B. Speech Synthesizers
C. Compact converters
D. Speech Sensors

5.Which of the following is not a part of a digitize?
A. Stylus
B. Stick
C. Cursor
D. Digitizing tablet


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