Plant Kingdom-Data Intensity 2 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.The mode of classifying plants as shrubs, herbs and trees comes under?
A. Artificial classification
B. Natural classification
C. Phylogenetic classification
D. Whittaker�s classification

2.Which among the following is incorrect about cytotaxonomy and chemotaxonomy?
A. Cytotaxonomy is based on the chromosomes present in the organism
B. Chemotaxonomy is based on the chemical composition of plants
C. Cytotaxonomy involves only external characteristics
D. Cytotaxonomy involves characteristics like number of chromosomes, division of cell and position centromere

3.Which of the following is not the basis for sub-classification in plants?
A. Well differentiable structure
B. Presence of seeds
C. Structure of branches
D. Seed coat

4.The word �Thallophyta� means ?
A. plants that don�t have well-differentiable structure
B. plants that have large leaves
C. plants that grow in colonies
D. plants that are filamentous

5.Which among the following is an incorrect statement?
A. Chlamydomanas is an example of unicellular algae
B. Chlamydomanas have flagella to promote their movement
C. Ulothrea is a unicellular autotrophic algal
D. Spirogyra attains its name because of spiral like arrangement of chloroplasts


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