Plant Kingdom-Data Intensity 3 Multiple Questions and Answers.

6.Food is stored in Phaecophyceae as ?
A. Starch
B. Laminol
C. Glucose
D. Fructose

7.A leaf like photosynthetic organ in Phaecophyceae is called as _?
A. Frond
B. Stipe
C. Holdfast
D. Algin

8.Which among the following is an incorrect statement?
A. Bryophytes prevent soil erosion
B. Bryophytes decompose rocks and make soil fertile
C. Bryophytes are used in packing materials and are also good fuel
D. Bryophytes donít absorb water and are used to pack food materials

9.Bryophytes are erect with hair like structures called as ?
A. Rhizoids
B. Stipe
C. Seta
D. Foot

10.Which among the following are incorrect?
A. Bryophytes are sub-classified into liverworts and mosses
B. Bryophytes are mostly found in dry hilly areas
C. Bryophytes follow cryptogamae
D. Bryophytes donít contain vascular tissues to transmit water and therefore donít grow tall


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