Plant Kingdom-Data Intensity 3 Multiple Questions and Answers.

11.The female sex organs in bryophytes are called as _?
A. Antheridium
B. Archegonium
C. Basiogonium
D. Thallogonium

12.What is the main difference between mosses and liverworts?
A. Moses contain vascular tissue which are absent in liverworts
B. Mosses contain an intermediary stage called protonema which is absent in liverworts
C. Mosses grow taller which is not the case with liverworts
D. Mosses contain special bodies called sporophytes that are absent in liverworts

13.Which among the following is not an asexual mode in bryophytes?
A. Budding
B. Fragmentation
C. Gemmae
D. Sporophyte formation

14.Which among the following is incorrect?
A. Most of the leafy liverworts resemble mosses in their structure
B. Liverworts contain oil bodies that are absent in mosses
C. Moses contain lobes in their leaves whereas leafy liverworts don�t
D. In mosses, leaves are spirally arranged but in leafy liverworts leaves grow in two or three rows

15.Sphagnum belongs to?
A. Leafy liverworts
B. Mosses
C. Thallose liverworts
D. Thallophytes


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