Plant Kingdom-Data Intensity 4 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Sporophyte bears spores in _?
A. Capsule
B. Seta
C. Foot
D. Strond

2.Which is the dominant phase in the life cycle of liverworts?
A. Diploid sporophyte
B. Diploid zygote
C. Haploid gametophyte
D. Diploid spores

3.Which of the following are first evolved plants with vascular tissues?
A. Pteridophytes
B. Bryophytes
C. Thallophytes
D. Cryptograms

4.Which of the following statement is incorrect?
A. Pteridophytes follow cryptogamae i.e. reproduce spores
B. The main plant body in Pteridophytes is Sporophyte
C. Pteridophytes grow in dry and cold places like mountains
D. Pteridophytes have specialized vascular tissues

5.Leaf like structure in Pteridophytes that bear spores are called as ?
A. Sporophylls
B. Pteridophylls
C. Sporangia
D. Sporophyte


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