Early Childhood Education – Session 3 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.The word Pedagogy means
A. To Understand The Child
B. To Guide The Child
C. To Educate The Child
D. To Lead The Child

2.Pedagogy is the study of
A. Education
B. Learning Process
C. Teaching Methods
D. Guiding Students

3.___is the art or science of being a teacher of children.
A. Pedagogy
B. Metagogy
C. Andragogy
D. None of the above

4.___is the theory of adult learning.
A. Pedagogy
B. Metagogy
C. Colas
D. Andragogy

5.In pedagogy computer is used to
A. To motivate the learner
B. To provide feedback
C. To interact with the learner
D. All of the above


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