Sub-Inspector-Paper-3-2017 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.International committee Of the Red Cross was founded by:
A. Jh Durant
B. Baden Powell
C. Donaid Ross
D. None of these

2.The objective Resolution was made part of substantive provisions of the constitution of 1973?
A. At the time of its promulgation in 1973
B. By presidential order of 1985
C. Through a resolution of the parliament
D. None of these

3.Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure?
A. Sphygmomanometer
B. Thermometer
C. Barometer
D. Stethoscope

4.The British government announced the partition of Bengal in 1905 because of:
A. Muslim's demand
B. Hindus's demand
C. Administrative requiremts
D. Financial constraints

5.The periodic table, which arranges chemical elements according to their atomic number and chemical properties,was formulated by:
A. Antonie lavoisier
B. Dmitri Mendeleev
C. John Dalton
D. Otto Hahn


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