Major Histocompatibility Complex Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Major Histocompatibility Complex is a tight cluster of linked___________
A. Carbohydrates
B. Proteins
C. Genes
D. Lipid molecules

2.What is the name of MHC in humans?
B. H2
C. Adjuvants
D. Haplotype

3.Which of the following polypeptide is important for the expression of MHC I on the cell membrane?
A. Interferons
B. β2-microglobin
C. Lymphokines
D. Interleukins

4.Which of these are non-professional antigen presenting cells?
A. Macrophages
B. Dendritic cells
C. Fibroblast
D. B lymphocytes

5.Name the cell which receives antigen presented by MHC molecule.
A. Nk cells
B. B-cells
C. T-cells
D. Macrophages


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