Immunoglobulins Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Synthesis of antibodies takes place by which of the following cells?
A. Bone marrow cells
B. T-cells
C. B-cells
D. Lymph

2.The basic structure of antibodies are______
A. Y-shaped
B. X-shaped
C. Linear
D. Hyperbolic

3. Name the heavy chain of immunoglobulin G.
A. μ
B. ε
C. α
D. γ

4.What is the name of the hypervariable region of immunoglobin, which is responsible for its diversity?
B. Hinge region
C. Epitope
D. Agretope

5.Who discovered the structure of immunoglobulin by treating it with betamercaptoethanol?
A. Nisonoff
B. Edelman
C. Porter
D. Whittekar


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