B-Cell Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which of the following is responsible for B-cell activation?
A. Infection
B. Antibody
C. Antigen
D. Allergy

2.What is the meaning of thymus independent B-cell activation?
A. Without the participation of T-cell
B. Do not mature in the thymus
C. Thymus would not take part in its activation
D. Affinity maturation takes place in the thymus

3.Which of the following acts as a coreceptor for B-cell activation?
A. CD28
B. IL-2
C. IgA
D. CD19

4. Out of these, which transcription factor does not take part in B-cell activation?
A. Abl
B. NF- kB
C. Jun
D. Fos

5. Hybridoma technology is used to produce?
A. Interferons
B. Monoclonal antibodies
C. Antibodies
D. Immune response


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