T-Cells Multiple Questions and Answers.

1. Which of the tracing is NOT the role of T-cell receptor complex?
A. α and β chain
B. CD3
C. CD19
D. CD40L

2.Name the syndrome occurs in children due to deficiency of the thymus.
A. Acromegaly
B. Gigantism
C. Cushing syndrome
D. DiGeorge syndrome

3.Which of the following steps is NOT involved in the activation of T-cell?
A. Double positive cell converts to single positive T-cell
B. Foreign peptide bound to MHC provide signals
C. CD28 of TCR interacts with B7 of APC
D. CD23 has ITAM, which transducer signals

4.Name the cytokines which act as a T-cell growth factor?
A. IL-3
B. IL-2
C. IL-4
D. IL-5

5.Cytokinin which acts as a growth factor of B-cell is________
B. IL-10
C. IL-13


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