Centripetal Force Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.On being displaced, the centre of mass of unstable equilibrium goes?
A. Higher
B. Neither higher nor lower
C. First higher and then lower
D. Lower

2.Which of the following stays in equilibrium even after being slightly displaced?
A. Stable equilibrium
B. Unstable equilibrium
C. Neutral equilibrium
D. Rigid body

3.The flying wheel attached to the shaft of steam engine works on the principle of?
A. Centripetal action
B. Moment of inertia
C. Newton’s third law of motion
D. Conservation of momentum

4.A wheel of mass 8kg and radius of gyration 25cm is rotating at 300rpm. What is its moment of inertia?
A. 0.5 kgm2
B. 10 kgm2
C. 5 kgm2
D. 0.25 kgm2

5.The moment of inertia of a uniform circular disc about its diameter is 100gcm2. What is its moment of inertia about its tangent?
A. 200 gcm2
B. 100 gcm2
C. 900 gcm2
D. 500 gcm2


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