Energy Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.A boy carrying a box on his head is walking on a level load from one place to another on a straight road is doing no work. The statement is?
A. Correct
B. Incorrect
C. Partly correct
D. Insufficient data

2.Kinetic energy with any reference must be?
A. Zero
B. Positive
C. Negative
D. Either negative or positive

3.The kinetic energy of a body becomes four times of its initial value, then new momentum will?
A. Become twice its initial value
B. Become thrice its initial value
C. Become four times its initial value
D. Remains constant

4.The decrease in potential energy of a ball of mass 20kg, which falls from a height of 50cm, is?
A. 968J
B. 98J
C. 1980J
D. 450J

5.If the water falls from a dam into a turbine wheel 19.6m below, then the velocity of water at the turbine is? (g=9.8m/s)?
A. 9.8m/s
B. 19.6m/s
C. 39.2m/s
D. 98m/s


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