Elasticity Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.When too many people stand on a bridge it collapses, why?
A. Due to increase in stress
B. Due to overweight
C. Due to improper construction
D. Due to friction

2.For a constant force, a rope breaks due to stress. Which of the following is useful to reduce the stress?
A. Increase the length of the rope
B. Apply small force
C. Increase the cross sectional area of the rope
D. Use a different material of rope

3.When a rope is pulled on either side, what is the stress acting on it?
A. Compressive stress
B. Tensile stress
C. Tensile stress
D. Tangential stress

4.What happens when the stress applied to the body is increased beyond the maximum value and is removed after some time?
A. The body will come back to its original position
B. The body will oppose the stress
C. The body becomes hot
D. The body cannot return to its original position

5.A pendulum A oscillating continuously comes to rest after some time. Now make both pendulums A and B to oscillate simultaneously. What will happen?
A. A comes to rest earlier than B
B. B comes to rest earlier than A
C. A and B comes to rest simultaneously
D. A and B oscillate forever


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