Stress and Strain Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.If the stress is S and the Young’s modulus is Y of material of a wire, the energy stored in the wire per unit volume is?
A. 2Y/S
B. S/2Y
C. 2S2 Y
D. S2/ 2Y

2.An example of a perfectly plastic body is?
A. Quartz
B. Crystal
C. Putty
D. Rubber

3.A given quantity if an ideal gas is at pressure P and absolute temperature T. What is the isothermal bulk modulus of the gas?
A. 2P/3
B. P
C. 3P/2
D. 2P

4.A wire fixed at the upper end stretches by length l by applying a force F. What is the work done in stretching?
A. F/2l
B. Fl
C. 2Fl
D. Fl/2

5.The term liquid crystal refers to a state that is intermediate between?
A. Crystalline solid and amorphous liquid
B. Crystalline solid and vapour
C. Amorphous liquid and its vapour
D. A crystal immersed in a liquid


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