ENTRANCE TEST – 2011 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.In mass spectrometer, detector or collector measures the:
A. Masses of isotopes
B. Percentages of isotopes
C. Relative abundances of isotopes
D. Mass numbers of isotopes

2.Melting point of water is higher than petrol, because intermolecular forces in water are:
A. Weaker than petrol
B. Stronger than petrol
C. Same as in petrol
D. Negligible

3.DNA molecule is double stranded, in which two chains of DNA are twisted around each other by:
A. Hydrogen bonds
B. Vander Waal's force
C. Covalent bonds
D. Dative bonds

4.The elements for which the value of ionization energy is low, can:
A. Gain electrons readily
B. Gains electron with difficulty
C. Loss electrons less readily
D. Lose electrons readily

5.The nature of cathode rays in discharge tube:
A. Depends on the nature of gas taken in the discharge tube
B. Depends upon the nature of cathode in discharge tube
C. Is independent of the nature pf the gas in discharge tube
D. Depends upon the nature of anode in the discharge tube


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